Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Special

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I'd like to pay homage to some of those who thought outside of the box for their costumes. Of course, becuz of their domination in the news, there are going to be a million Balloon Boys, Barack Obamas, Octomoms, Michael Jacksons, and Farrah Fawcetts. But I'd like to spend a few moments to applaud some of the more interesting, funny, or even obscene costumes that I've seen around.

<<<<The Illegal Alien, complete with jump suit and green card. This costume was apparently in retail stores for a few days and had to be yanked off the racks to avoid causing more controversy. I don't see the problem, I like controversy in costumes.

Sarah Palin Pageant Costume>>>>
She was the comic relief to the campaign race, she was the scapegoat of the McCain camp, and now she's not even governor or Alaska anymore. But hey, she's still probably the only middle aged Alaskan Republican that qualifies as a MILF to most people.

<<<<Incarcerated (or Soon To Be) Rappers
My former roommate and still teammate and two of his friends will be attending Halloween parties in
orange jumpsuits and fake handcuffs impersonating Lil' Wayne, Lil' Boosie, and T.I. It's even more interesting becuz two of them actually resemble who they are impersonating.


<<<<Mother Delivering Child
I could not contain my laughter when I saw this costume. I admire it for the dedication it will take over the course of the night honestly. Not only have they modified the table so that his head is perfectly in place, but both he and she will undoubtedly have to spend the bulk of the night in place or they will ruin the concept. What's a baby wearing vaginal head dress without the appropriate birth canal???

Unleashing the Cobra in his pants>>>>
I don't care what anybody says, this mess is funn
y. I could imagine somebody on my campus walking around with this on and I would have to take a picture with him.

No that is not a real boy, that is an attached part of his costume. This costume has been quite a few years in the making and honestly I wondered why I hadn't seen it yet. Was it too sacred??? Did we have to wait for more time to pass??? I didn't know. But the time has come to portray a priest violating an alter boy.

Happy Halloween to All. Go out, get dressed up, have some drinks, make some bad decisions, live it up. I will be the idolic sex mogul Hugh Hefner this year. Last year, my Hancock costume was immensely complimented and I didn't run into any other Hancocks throughout the night.

Watch out for Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and all the other slashers. But remember one thing, NONE OF THEM RUN TO CATCH ANYBODY. So don't run upstairs and try to hide, don't wait to watch him kill the other person, don't run looking backwards and awkwardly trip and start crawling instead of running. Find an open area and turn on the light, if you run instead of walk, he's not gonna catch you. Don't be like the idiotic white people on the horror movies that I have been watching all week. Enjoy people...

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