Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Got A Bad Feelling: Part I, Man Made

I'm got a bad feeling about this. In the past year, the world is changing in a way that I don’t like at all. This is one of those years that countries are addicted to unrest and revolution; we’ve already seen all throughout the Middle East including Egypt (pictured), Bahrain, Iran, Libya, and more. Even Canada and England have protested their dissatisfaction with the recent actions of their countries’ governments. Revolution is not always a bad thing (especially places like Egypt and Libya where one man who rose to power by force has been in place for years and added more to their personal wealth than the well-being of their nations) but when the pro-government forces start slaughtering their own people to quell the rebellion, it’s an issue. I will give America credit letting it’s revolt-supporting opinion be forcefully known but not acting militarily. Even in Libya, where things got hands on (drawing widespread criticism as a show of double standard), the US didn’t get its hands too dirty before they handed things over to the UN and European countries. I know we have been seen as obligated to play police to the world, but we can’t afford another full-scale war in an unstable Middle East; especially against a country that never actually attacked America or its forces. As far as the criticisms, I don’t put much credence into the opinions of countries that do a lot of talking and never take action, period. I just hope whenever things are stable, we might actually have an ally or two in that region. But I still wouldn’t bet on it though. Just because they don’t want Mubarak of Quaddafi doesn’t mean they want democracy forced onto them unfortunately; especially by us and the anti-Muslim reputation that precedes us everywhere we go. Furthermore, the Ivory Coast is in the midst of a bloody civil fighting and unrest (pictured) that doesn’t seem to have a quick resolution. All of this comes as the world was recently on the brink of a potentially nuclear war with North Korea and South Korea (backed by the US and other Western powers) playing a game of “My dick is bigger than yours.” It didn’t gain the world’s captivity as much as the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960’s but make no mistakw, North Korea is not someone I would like to see at war with anyone right now. They’re the little guy at the world’s car table with a nuclear ace or two in its hand and an attitude forged on making a splash more than actually winning the game. But those are just the man-made travesties of the moment. That doesn’t scare me nearly as much and the disgruntled nature of Mother Nature. This blog is up next...

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