Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are u serious: 138 pts in one game

For those who don't know, Jack Taylor of Division III Grinnell College scored 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible College last week. 138 points, in one game. Sportscenter covered it like crazy when it happened. Kobe, LeBron and others praised the accomplishment, etc...FUCK ALL OF THAT. I don't like it, lemme tell you why. Who the fuck takes 108 shots in one game??? I get that their offensive system puts up a lot of shots. I get that the coach and teammates wanted him to get the record. I get that it's impressivfe becuz of difficulty of keeping your shooting stroke going for that many shots. But even so, that's the most selfish game ever. Seriously 108 shots??? I criticize indiscriminate shooters (Kobe, Melo, Monte Ellis, etc) for taking bad shots in route to 25-30 shots a game in 48 minute NBA games, what did you expect me to say about this dude. Kobe looks like John Stockton compared to this guy. The college game's 40 minutes long, dude averaged 2.7 shots per minute of game time. That's bananas; he was shooting like dribbling or passing get counted as turnovers. 71 of his shots taken were 3's. There is no way in hell that you have that many "good looks" from 3 pt land; especially when you're 5'10" and it's a virtual certainty that anyone guarding you is taller than you. Whether he was open, squared up, double teamed, it didn't matter, he was jacking them up. He's the basketball version of that little dude in the club who don't take no for answer; like "If I take enough of these fast enough, I'll end up doing numbers." If I'm not mistaken, none of his teammates made a field goal the second half. What are you teaching his teammates? I've heard of feeding the hot hand, but when you're hot and start attracting the double teams, u're supposed to pass it to the an with the open shot...not at Grinnell apparently. This dude said "Oh shit double team, gotta get this shot up faster." Having 70 pts and "sacrificing" to get some assists just wasn't enough. And what happens next game? He's been all over the TV and has all this attention. So now, what happens? He's still 5'10, 170 lbs. So next game when the opposing coach says "Body his little ass up, he's not going off like that against us" (that's what I'd say), is he gonna be looked at as a fraud if he only scored 35 next game? You better believe the next team he plays will be trying to punish his ass like the Bad Boy Pistons did Jordan in the early years. Will the rest of the team just be able to 'turn it on' next game? They were standing around so long, they probably needed to stretch again next time they touched the ball. What happens if Jack's not red hot again? Hell, he shot less than 50% from the field when he scored 138. I know a great basketball player once said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" but if I was a teammate I'd beat his ass and tell him "You miss 100% of the shots you prevent your teammates from taking with yo short ballhogging ass." Are u serious?

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