Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Been Too Long

I'm back, and I'm 12 hours ahead of the US. That's right, I'M IN THE FUTURE. LOL. I've been in Malaysia for six weeks and I still don't have the Internet set up in my apartment; read the chart above, it's fairly accurate. Therefore, my blogging game has been suffering and I whole-heartedly apologize. I'm getting real frustrated by the slack ass nature of the utilities here in Malaysia. Don't get me wrong, I arrived during the fasting month of Ramadan, so the Muslims (70% of the country) were dragging at work; understandable. Also, September 11th was Hari Raya, the official end of the fasting month, which usually is the start of a multiple week long celebration that the fast is over. BUT DAMN. In America, I make a call and within 24 hours, I have all the Internet and cable that I can afford to pay for. Six weeks, what is this a CIA background check?? This is bullshit. I'm disconnected from the world right now. The way things are now, a computer without the Internet might as well be a typewriter. But I digress...

Even though I'm still waiting on wi-fi at home, I will be starting my new journal-style blog soon to chronicle experiences here in Malaysia. I had to start a new blog because the journal-style blog will be followed by a lot of family also plus they want to hear about experience and see pics more than anything else. My goal here at I've Been Called Worse is to either enlighten or entertain. So much of the other blog will not be I've Been Called Worse material. the other blog address is and u are more than welcome to follow and comment on that one as well. Due to the family-oriented nature, it won't contain the "motherfuckers," "ain't shit"s, and all the other vulgarity and buffoonery that I have come to know and love. This blog will stay up. I actually have a few issues I've been waiting to get off my chest, so stay tuned. U will here from me again very soon. It's good to be back...even though it will feel better when I can broadcast from my apartment.

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