Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do Better: Is that a Nazi Swastika?

You may have heard me speak before about the occasion thought in my mind to politely slap the shit out of someone repeatedly. Well, I recently had the same urge when I saw Malays walking around in a shirt with a Nazi swastika on it. I know what you’re thinking; it was an Asian religious symbol for luck and prosperity first. And I know that, I've seen it on temples in Thailand, Singapore and other places. But no, this was the tilted swastika in the circle and the red background just like the one on Hitler’s arm (and it wasn't crossing it out like the one I inserted); str8 skin head, Neo-Nazi swastika. I had heard about this foolishness before. Apparently, they try to defend it saying that “Well, I’m Muslim. I don’t like Jews. Neither did they, so we’re on the same team.” My reaction first time I heard it, “WHAT THE FUCK?” Ridiculous, right? The lack of education (blog coming next) shows through immensely with such simplistic and misguided logic. Had we been in an English speaking country, I had the right to: 1) try to educate the man that Hitler would have also despised you (a Malay), me (a Black man), or anyone who wasn’t prototypically Arian (tall, blond haired and blue eyed), 2) assume that he knows more about Hitler which would entitle me to slap him as mentioned above. But here, because of the language barrier, I can’t even communicate with him to rid him of this deeply misguided mindset towards Nazis. All of this is processing in my mind as he walks by and I catch a glimpse of the back of his shirt………………it’s made by Levi’s. HOOOLLYYYY SHIT. Are you serious? Levi’s, which I’ve since been told is actually like a Hebrew name, is taking advantage of these uneducated people and using them as the marketing base to sell this filth? The anger inside which was brewing deep within but being held at bay by my rationale about the unknowing foreigner all of a sudden rose very quickly. I can’t think of a more disgusting example of selling your soul for the profits. Even in the immoral world of business, some lines should not be crossed; this is one of them. You know what, it’s time for me to go. The level of uneducated individuals is starting to annoy me. You think there are some ignorant people in America, you can’t imagine some of this bullshit. Do Better…

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