Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are u Serious: Modern Savage Middle East Sexism

This medieval style punishment that is still allowed in the Middle East towards women must stop. I remember a few years back, Obama and other prominent world figures had to step in and stop one country from putting a lady accused of cheating (with no evidence of course) to death by stoning; that's right, the members of her community were going to bury her up to her shoulders in the ground, line up and pelt her with stones until she was dead...in the 21st century. Furthermore, I saw a documentary years ago where if a woman in her village is accused of cheating, a red hot pot is used to judge if she is lying or not. Basically, once the cast iron pot is red hot, they will touch it to her tongue 3 times. If her tongue burns, she's a lying cheater and will be stoned. If the tongue doesn't burn, she told the truth and will be permitted to live. Fuck the evidence, fuck trying to figure out if there was a time where both ppl were unaccounted for or anything like that. It's like in pick-up basketball, when there is an argument on a call and someone says "Shoot for it, the ball never lies." Whether or not you fouled me, if I'm a lights out shooter, I'm gonna make the shot; if I can't shoot, I probably won't. Now you're applying the same concept with a burning hot object and a human life at stake. I don't used such words lightly: but it's barbaric. By the way, I don't think anything more than a fine would have been asked of the other man even if she was deemed guilty and stoned. More recently, the past few days on Al Jazeera Online (the most respected of the Middle Eastern international news sources), there has been a lot of coverage on what gone on both positively and negatively for women in Saudi Arabia. They are on the cusp of gaining the right to vote and run for public office for the first time in the history of the country. But at the same time, a woman was in court facing indictment for driving, which women have been banned from doing in the country. What was her punishment for such an offense? 10 lashes with a whip. R u fucking seriuous??? They used to do that shit to slaves trying to escape. I haven't seen that shit since Will Turner was getting whipped on the 2nd "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. This is Saudi Arabia, the world's largest and most profitable supplier of petroleum and crude oil; they should be a role model for the rest of the region. But instead they have a situation where women can now possibly be elected to Parliament but are forbidden from driving themselves to work at the country's most powerful governing body. If they break the rules, even an elected female official will be forced to remove their burqa (be reminded, the average women there has everything except their eyes covered due to the men's fear that even uncovering the rest of her face will garner unnecessary attention from other men; which they will blame on her and not the other men) and receive 10 lashes by the whip to getting behind the wheel of a car; which teenage females are permitted to do in most of the world. This isn't just some form of vigilante justice, a judge - most likely, a man who went to law school and did time as a lawyer before being elected as judge - made this ruling in a formal court hearing. As much as they like to blame Islam, I live in a Muslim country right now and it is not like that. Just because something is tradition and has been for hundreds of years, doesn't mean it is right. The world is changing and evolving, their behavior towards the mothers and daughter of our future should be doing the same.

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