Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do Better: Ray J's Salty Ex Anthem

Brandy's little brother was never a favorite of mine to begin with. I don't know why this munchkin motherfucker is even  famous. He never struck me as an above average artist and God knows he can't act. Yet and still he ended up on TV shows and always proceeded to stink those shits up royalty. I hate his guts and didn't have solid reason why outside of being another relatively talentless famous person who finds a way to make paychecks. But his recent antics, they are more than just cause. He is now in the position so many bitter men have been in where your ex or old fling is now a 'somebody' and has moved on to bigger and better things than you. Kim Khardashian, a relatively talentless beneficiary of the reality TV age herself, was just a pretty face in the Hollywood social crowd until her sex tape with Ray J when viral. Since then, she's become a model, actress (I didn't say a good one), businesswoman, mult-millionaire. She's since dated an NFL player women fight over, was briefly (very) married to an NBA player, and is now with Kanye West, a transcendent music superstar. Who's Ray J dating? Who knows? Better yet, who cares? So what does Ray J's salty ass do? He tries to grab headlines and undermine her current relationship by making a song called "I Hit It First" playing the only card he has in this issue. That's some real weak shit. That's really the only thing that can get you into headlines in 2013? Stop It. News flash: Somebody took Beyonce's virginity...whoever he is, she wouldn't look twice at him now. Security would probably get called on this nigga trying to get within 10 feet of her. Jay's got her as a worldwide icon and entrepreneur  they're among the most powerful couples in the world. Which guy is winning? Same could be said with someone like Gabrielle Union. U think the guy who took her virginity comforts himself by thinking he's better than D-Wade because he got to Gabby first? I hope not; otherwise he's weak as shit too. Would he stand a chance trying to get her back today? Absolutely not. Ray J, let it go. I'm not even a Kim K fan but she's outgrown you and moved onto bigger and better things. Live with it. I'm sure there are still amateur models willing to sleep with you hoping you'll springboard them into the environment to meet some real celebrities (like them women from "For the Love of Ray J" who came on the show pursuing their own celebrity). Keep your mouth shut and move forward, Kanye can squash what little career you have. Do Better...

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