Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Inner Conspiracy Brother: The Disappearing Plane

It's been a while but it's a good time for my Inner Conspiracy Brother to rear his skeptical head and speak on this enigmatic situation. To most people I know, I'm the only person they've ever meet who's actually been to Malaysia; I used to live in Kuala Lumpur, the origin city of the "disappeared" plane. On the surface - in a non-conspiratorial though process - I could get past the simple question, "How the hell did you lose a 777 plane holding 200+ people?" That's one hell of a fucking magic trick.  How is that possible with all the tracking technology surrounding us? We have satellites could find hollow caves housing terrorist cells in the caves of the Middle East, but we're not keeping up with commercial jets mid-flight? What if a plane is flying from London to NYC at the same time there's a plane flying from NYC to London during a storm? Are they gonna crash because traffic controllers can't track them? Obviously the government of Malaysia is offering far-fetched answers because the spotlight is too bright for "I don't know" answers; but it's pretty fucking clear they don't really know. I was drawing a blank... but then I put on my conspiracy cap and ideas came to me quickly. The plane's black box (which holds the valuable data about the plane's travel and performance) was turned off? I doubt your average airline passenger knows where that is or how to disable that. According to reports, the plane had drastic changes in elevation and direction. But yet, the pilots did not explain the situation to any nearby traffic controller before supposedly crash landing the plane into the Indian Ocean? One of the pilots had been handling his personal life in an inexplicably erratic fashion the week before the flight? Smells like an inside job. The pilots, crew, possibly the nearest air traffic controller (ATC) seem the only people with the expertise to execute such a plan. What if there were someone important onboard that some powerful institution wanted silenced? There are many theories that this is what happened for former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown and the mysterious plane crash that killed him and 34 others in Croatia. Or what if the plane did not crash at all? That's possibly the scariest possibility of this all, it could be a lot of places. It could be sitting in a shed in Indonesia under the control of someone who plans to use it in a devious manner in the future. If the 239 people didn't die in the plane but hadn't contacted their families, that would indicate to me that they're captives or have been executed. Is this why other non-nearby countries such as America and Japan are assisting in the search? Are they concerned about possible consequences of not finding it? This is so cold blooded to say but at this point, the best (best feasible anyway) scenario for our safety is that the reports are correct and through no malicious action, the plane crashed into the ocean signalling an immediate demise to the plane passengers and crew. As I shake my head at myself for the last sentence, lemme take a moment to explain: at least then, the plane is not being tampered with for use to kill thousands (a la 9/11). I wish there were a feasible scenario where these people are like and chilling somewhere, but I don't see it.  Am I being cruel or overly calculating? Maybe, I don't know, think what you want. I've Been Called Worse...

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