Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear US, please NEVER legalize marijuana

During my recent trip back to Atlanta, I spent a lot of time around college mates of mine, mostly fellow athletes, who smoke weed (AKA midget) multiple times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) now that they're out of school. The most excited I've ever seen one of my friends is when he found out the club had a patio where he could 'barbeque.' I can now say most definitively that I hope the US never legalizes weed. Don't get my wrong, weed is not killing people (noone overdoses or gets cancer from weed) and everyday weed smoking isn't really a big deal in a legal sense anymore. But, I'm truly afraid of how unproductive and unintelligent our society may become if everyone is allowed to 'bake' whenever and wherever they feel like it. The argument for weed is that it would provide a tremendous financial boost if managed correctly and the government could regulate it and eliminate deaths caused by lacing and dipping the marijuana. Police could spend money focused on other the other corrupt shit that they do (Oops, did I say that out loud?). Also, I've heard people say smoking makes them very alert and can help them focus deeply on a particular task at hand. However, high people tend to get immensely paranoid and jumpy. Their logical conversation and reasoning turns to shit. Their depth perception while driving is about as good as Mr. Magoo's. Noone would eat full meals anymore, people would just alternate snacking, smoking, and napping all day every day. People have enough complaints about the workforce and how slack some workers are, imagine what that's gonna turn into. What if ur 911 operators were allowed to come to work right after smoking an ounce, u think that conversation is gonna be coherent? It'll go like this "Send help, I've been shot." Operator: "Really...damn...that shit sounds painful. I got a friend who got shot and...", your help ain't gonna make it anytime soon. I'd hate to think about high cooks and waiters in restaurants. People with stressful jobs either spazzing out or going "fuck it" and not caring. IRS accountants fucking up tax numbers. The list goes on and they're all bad. Every sidewalk, apartment complex, swimming pool area, public outdoor area, and unregulated indoor public area will smell like weed 24/7. Febreze can't always get that out. So legislative bodies of America, please hear my plea. Nowadays getting weed and smoking weed are easy enough, so there is no need to turn everyone's "secret pleasure" into the legalized past time and reason for the demise of social intelligence and efficiency in our country. As hilarious as weed commercials could possibly be, I'll pass. We can do without the paperwork, they'd probably just use it to roll up in the Capital anyway. Am I ant-weed, not necessarily. But say what u want, I've Been Called Worse...

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