Saturday, February 6, 2010

Charlie Daniels Goin Ham

I'm no country music expert or anything, but I give respect where respect is due. And Charlie Daniels played the shit outta that fiddle on this commercial. "Playing a mean fiddle" was an understatement. U can say he was "Goin In," "Gettin Right" or whatever u want to, but in my eyes, he was truly "Goin Ham" right there. Actually, to take it to the next level, he was goin So Damn Ham in that commercial. He's about as nice on that fiddle as I've seen anyone on any instrument in a long time. I damn near looked up some Charlie Daniels music for my iPod just from what I saw in that commercial. And I could tell he knew he was nice too when he ended it by sayin "that's how u do it, son." and pointed at dude with a bread stick on the way out. Hell, did u see him gettin the stomp and the pelvic pump goin while he was playin? He's a master of his craft. I salute u Mr. Daniels. I aspire to emulate ur level of niceness on somethin in my lifetime. Keep Goin All the Way Ham like no other...

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