Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Inner Conspiracy Brother

I've come to find out that me and Dave Chappelle's "Conspiracy Brother" character from the movie Undercover Brother have quite a bit in common. I am fully aware that I live in a country that's government, law enforcement, and legal systems have plenty of dirt that they try to keep neatly tucked under the rug. I can speak all day about that so I'll just discuss a few of the biggest historically and a few others that happen to be fresh on the mind:
  • I believe that the average American is naive, gullible, and easily influenced by what I believe is propaganda. And noone knows this more than the government. I think the government has many special secret sections within its ranks that perform unspeakable acts that they would never admit to. Furthermore, they have hundreds of spin-artists who find ways to twist the story to the American public when something happens in a way that it can not be hidden. I bring this up first because I think it is essential to understanding some of the issues that I will discuss as this blog goes on. Now, I do realize that the terrorism-filled, power-hungry, hateful landscape of the world today necessitates certain acts to protect our freedoms that the general public would not approve and therefore they are not made aware of. But, we'll just say, I believe that they are going overboard. I haven't trusted the FBI since the Bull Connor days, and soon enough you will hear some of my thoughts on the CIA.
  • I believe that a large percentage of our police force and law enforcement arm in general (not a majority, but a large percentage) are heavily involved in either corruption or abuse of power associated with privileges given by their positions as the mythical "protectors and servers of the laws that make our country safe." I also believe that there is a top-down unwritten mindset that they must also uphold our country's class system by keeping the minorities and low-income in check. Disparities such as the punishment for crack cocaine(most used by minorities and poor people) being significantly worse than punishment for powder cocaine (most used by whites and rich people). Think about this: You would get more prison time for robbing a convenient store for $350 than a businessman would for extorting $10 million at his job. He may just get fired, he may not even see a cell. But I digress, I believe cops are permitted to make up falsities and harass whoever they please because they are entirely supported by other policemen, politicians, and the judicial and legislative systems. Even cops who do not participate in corrupt or improper acts do not snitch on other cops because of the alienation they would be subject to as a whistleblower.
  • I believe that the institution of politics is evil. I believe that some politicians begin in politics because it runs in their families and some begin in politics because they actually see it as their venue to do something positive for their communities. However, I believe that as you move up the political ladder and inevitably need more money, your morals get complicated by alliance to campaign contributors and party allegiances. There is so much under-the-table bargaining, negotiating, and favor doing that I question the sincerity of almost any political actions. We've all seen presidents and vice presidents pushing through legislation that helps their old co-workers (Dick Cheney and Haliburton for example) and there's a lot more that we'll never see. I think that a lot of legislation and positioning is done to repay favors and put politicians in advantageous positions for other motives that they are trying to see realized. I believe that Obama has been less tarnished by this process than most politicians, but I know that to some extent he deals with these moral conflicts also. But he was clearly the lesser of two evils against McCain, which is why I love and support Obama in his conquest to fix complex and monumental issues that we should have addressed years ago (We'll save that blog for another day).
  • The truth about terrorism is that if they wanna get us, they are going to get us. It's unfortunate and if you let it, it can be very scary to an American citizen. We have lifestyles that we conduct everyday and need to continue them without think about the constant threat of terrorist attack. There are enough people misusing religion as a tool to recruit others to commit suicide in a quest for martyrdom and honestly, America has done enough people wrong in the past that the numbers of people who may want to commit harm on our country are higher than I'd like to think about. There are people living in caves who spend all day (the same day you spend living your lifestyle) thinking of ways to catch America slipping. For example, imagine the number of Americans a terrorist could kill if someone went to a mall on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) strapped with C-4, the kill count would be tragic. The ways we have buckled down on security (at airports and post offices) prevent them from repeating attacks that they have already committed, which I don't think they would do anyway.
    P.S. There are misconceptions about terrorists I would like to clear up. Islam is not a religion of violence, in no way does it justify jihad(holy war) as an excuse to commit attacks on the western world and run back into caves. These are extremists misusing the context who have formed these terrorist groups feeding on the naivety of their followers because if you say something is a religious belief, no one questions it. Stop assuming all Muslims are in favor of committing violence in the name of religion. Even if they were, Christians have done it too, look up the Great Crusades in Europe.
  • I won't go deep into my feelings about racism beyond saying that I believe it is still alive although less consciously than in past decades. Things have gotten better but we have a long way to go. Furthermore, I believe that when given the opportunity by a powerful and admired Black male figure doing any level of wrongdoing, the white powers in society still implement techniques from the "Willie Lynch Papers" which encouraged picking the biggest and strongest slave and castrating him in front of everyone to reassert control of the Black population. Examples include Marion Barry (who also may get a future blog about his miraculous resiliency) and Michael Vick; both did their share of wrong, but many white powerful men have done much worse and suffered no ramifications what so ever.
Now to address some of the more popular conspiracies:
  • Yes, I believe we went to the moon. Do I believe we went when we said we did the first time Apollo 11 touched down on July 20, 1969? I'm not convinced. JFK said that we would make it to the moon by the end of the 1960s. So by 1969, we were in an intense "space race" with the USSR and we were running out of time to make good on the president's promise. So I do think it is possible that we staged the first one to beat the USSR there and honor the words of the late JFK. Now, we report that Apollos 12-17 (with the exception of 13 which had to abort mid-flight) also landed on the moon. I don't see any reason we would need to stage ALL of these. Furthermore, I do not think we would have our sights set on Mars now if we never made it to the moon successfully.
  • I believe James Early Ray may have actually been the shooter that killed Martin Luther King, however, I do not think he acted alone. It was well known that Bull Connor used his CO-Intel Pro operation (and the FBI) as a personal strike force against King because he pledged that King was the greatest threat to American sovereignty of the time period. So even though Ray spent much of his life trying to recant his confession to MLK's murder, he made a fuss about government conspiracy and still lived a good while afterwards; One trait of government cover-up and conspiracy is that all loose ends get clipped to preserve the secrecy of the operation. This will be displayed more in a moment when i discuss JFK's murder.
  • I believe this may be the crown jewel of conspiracy in a time-period full of it. I believe John F. Kennedy was killed by someone on the grassy knoll hired by the mafia. For those who don't know, Kennedy's good friend, Frank Sinatra convinced Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana to use his "influence"and connections to make sure that Kennedy won the state of Illinois, which was major towards him winning the election. I assume mob bosses would expect some type of gratitude showed after such a favor. Instead JFK makes his brother, Robert (also publicly assassinated), US Attorney General and Robert goes directly after organized crime in America. As if Giancana may not have felt betrayed enough, JFK (noted womanizer) also stole Giancana's main lady, Judith Campbell. So, Lee Harvey Oswald was accused and immediately killed by Jack Ruby, who was dying of cancer and did not make it to finalization of his sentencing. It is alleged that the actual shooter on the grassy knoll was killed and buried in the Las Vegas desert soon after the assassination. The last piece was Giancana, who would not have to be killed because he helped plan it. However, he was earlier recruited by the CIA to plan out an assassination of Fidel Castro during the years of missile tension between the US and Cuba. This made some think that the CIA or Cuba may have also been involved in the murder; although I'm not convinced they were, I do not believe the assassination and following murders would have all happened without other very powerful people giving it the go ahead. Giancana was quoted as saying that the CIA and the mafia are "different sides of the same coin." He was conveniently shot in the head and face right before he was scheduled to testify before the courts about CIA-mafia collusion and the plot to kill Castro. So, no matter the controversy, the ends get clipped and the government just keeps on rolling along.
That's all for now, I may think of more at a later date. I have admitted to being a conspiracy theorist, but hey, I've been called worse...

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