Monday, September 21, 2009

US Car Companies, Why are you trying to fool me?

I didn't get back home from the weight room until just a few hours ago, and already I have been bombarded with these commercials advertising the US auto makers' new strategy to beating out foreign auto makers; a 60-day trade in warranty!? I can't exactly blame them, this is the type of strategy that the US consumer base just may fall for. But those who look at things deeply and logically like myself, realize that this only masks the bigger problem. The only difference between a 60-day grace period and test drive is that you'll have the car long enough to get a preview of the gas mileage. Although gas mileage has been one of the disadvantages of American cars, the bigger problem has been that they just don't hold up as well as Hondas or Toyotas. When I was shopping for a new car after mine was stolen earlier this year, I looked into consumer reviews of many cars, many of which were American, and they consistently had problems with breaks, the electrical system, or other issues that require an owner to dump money into a car to keep it rolling; I'm no mechanic, but I don't think these issues surface in the first 60 days. I don't want to sound cynical, I am rooting for the American auto industry because I think its demise has been a big factor in the unemployment and crime in Detroit, Flint and the midwest. Also, I would definitely like the gratification of stimulating our economy by buying an American car and leaving the lot feeling that it is just as good as any other car on the road. So in the midst of this massive restructuring and focusing on quality, I will be taking a good look at their hybrids and other cars hoping that this economic crisis has truly forced them to make cars that stand up to the foreign car-makers. If this happens, I'll be happy to give them an equal opportunity next time I am car-shopping. But for now, gimmicks like this 60-day warranty to return the car to the dealer seem to almost insult my intelligence. Then again, millions of idiotic Americans believed that Obama is acting like Hitler simply because they heard it said a handful of times; those people may definitely fall for this promotion.

What? The idiot American comment was in bad taste? You think I'm judgmental? That is fine. I've been called worse...

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