Monday, September 21, 2009

That's right, I picked Blogspot over Twitter

Sorry Twitter-aholics,
I feel this is most appropriate to address now because I just opened this blog. I needed a new venue to express my random thoughts. And I chose Blogspot over Twitter, astounding I know. I've been fielding criticism for not being on Twitter long before I thought of starting a blog. I understand it's a hot fad right now and people are loving it. But to me, NOONE IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH FOR ME TO FOLLOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AT EVERY AVAILABLE MOMENT OF THE DAY!!! If I offend you with that comment, you will get over it, I guarantee. A special lady friend of mine follows the comedian Lil' Duvall on Twitter and seems to get a good laugh out of it every time; this is the most justified use of Twitter I have heard of because it makes sense. But for all these people following actors or athletes, I feel it's a waste of time to look on Twitter and expend effort to read that Ashton Kucher is "Eating lunch. I love sushi." I DON'T CARE. I'm a sports addict and I can't think of an athlete I care that much about. And furthermore, my days consist of class, practice and weights, work, and whatever sociality is mixed in beyond that; therefore, for most of the day, I'm not updating my status and if I did it wouldn't be very interesting. LOL. As you can see by my posts, I think too deeply and am too long winded for Twitter when I would want to post on something I feel. Would you feel like you learned anything about me if instead of this blog I simply said "Blogspot over Twitter...Get over it."? If Twitter works for you, go for it, but it's just not my cup of tea.

I know I'm rebuffing the new fad. You may think I'm a hater. But, I've been called worse...

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