Saturday, October 24, 2009

Food for Thought: Were we meant to eat meat?

I just have a little quick Food For Thought on this subject. I was raised in the South and I love meat as much as the next man. I don't plan on giving it up either. But I was at a Brazilian steakhouse with a teammates and some tennis players last weekend and began thinking about this as I stared at some particularly rare meat sitting on someone's plate. I can do medium-rare, I can deal with a little pink on my steak; but these strips I was lookin at were all pink, no brown in sight, not even on the edges. No one at the table was willing to eat it because how such uncooked food would make us sick. Carnivorous animals may have had a battle over uncooked meat like that. So I started thinking again, were humans even meant to eat meat? Honestly, there's a lot of evidence suggesting that we were not meant to do so. Take a look at both pictures in this blog. Animals who are genetically meant to be carnivores or even omnivores have evolved certain traits that help them hunt, kill and easily eat and digest their meat. They have sharp teeth to easily tear up their meat; we have flat teeth, hence why we have to use utensils to cut up everything. Put us at a table with steak and no steak knife and we look pathetic. Furthermore, to hunt other animals to eat, carnivores have supreme hunting and fighting skills; Take away all weapons and I can't name one animal of any decent size that humans can take one-on-one in a fight; we weren't blessed with claws, tough skin, or any of those kind of advantages for hunting. Plus, carnivores' digestive systems are conditioned for eating raw meat and everything functioning just as it should be. Humans on the other hand can not eat large amounts of uncooked meat. Plus, even eating cooked meat, cholesterol and high blood pressure lead to the leading cause of preventable death, which is heart disease. Humans, especially Black people who frequently eat soul food, are eating ourselves into the grave; which wouldn't happen if our digestive systems were made to run off meat.

So, living in a country that makes meat itself the centerpiece of every meal, if not the whole meal, we must stay conscious of what we eat. Since I have hereditary higher-than-normal cholesterol, I have become very conscious of my consumption of pork, burgers, and other highly unhealthy foods. So I'm not saying that humans should stop eating meat or anything of that nature. But I do say that we need to be conscious of the problems it caused and we as a people need to take better care of ourselves. I didn't cut down on the bacon and double cheeseburgers cuz I didn't like em, I cut down becuz I'd truly like to be around to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own. Take care of yourselves out there. Make sure you get fruits, vegetables, and grains in your diet; it may have been what we were supposed to live off of in the first place. Food For Thought. Am I overthinking this?? Maybe. But I've Been Called Worse...

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