Friday, October 9, 2009

Stop Me When I Start Lying: Guilty Ass Polanski

This shit needs to be said. Why the fuck has Roman Polanski turned into a rockstar and a figure worth people rallying around for drugging and raping a 13-year old girl??? This ain't a martyr, who did something revolutionary to fight the oppressive establishment. This ain't someone who got drunk and pissed off some cops or something. Even if he killed someone society despises, like let's say a pedophile rapist, people could rally behind him saying he did a public good. BUT HE WAS THE PEDOPHILE RAPIST!!!!! For those who don't know, Roman Polanski, a very respected movie director, somehow ended up alone in Jack Nicholson's house with a 13-year old girl in 1977; Be reminded, he was 44 at the time. Then he proceeded to give her large amounts of champagne laced with a sedative drug. He then raped her in her vaginal, oral, and anal cavities. He was arrested and pled guilty; AIN'T NO DISPUTE ABOUT IT, HE CONFESSED. Then he skipped the country and hasn't come back since because he doesn't want to go to prison for his crimes. And now Woody Allen, Whoopi Goldberg, and lots of other big names in Hollywood are petitioning for him to get out of his punishment?? WTF is that?? If he was a 44-yr old Black man who drugged some 13-yr old girl and raped her in every hole he could fine, they'd want him to get LYNCHED!!! I'm a young Black man, I live in Georgia. I saw Genarlo Wilson, a 17 yr old Black male who received consensual, non-drugged up oral sex from a 15 yr old chick from his high school, get locked up for 2 years on "child molestation" over some old BS rule making that a sex offense and felony holding a 10 yr sentence. And when the legislators reevaluated the rule and changed it to a misdemeanor 2 yrs later, there were big-time lawyers and a Douglas County Superior Court judge who were breaking their necks not to let him out even though he should've been out under the new legislation. He finally got out in 2007. He was getting recruited for football by D-1 schools, this ruined his chances at a scholarship. But since Polanski can direct his ass off, he's not supposed to be brought to justice??? That's just fucked up, no other way to say it. In the fashion of the "Free [insert incarcerated celebrity's name]" campaign, I want to start up a "LOCK POLANSKI UP" campaign. If he's out of our jurisdiction, we need to call up Batman to go get him like he did Lao from "The Dark Knight" or something. Old rich white dudes should be tried, sentenced and punished (including being on the Sex Offender Registry list), just like they woulda done my Black ass if I went around drugging and raping 13-yr old white women; yea, I think race matters. If Spike Lee woulda done it, they woulda got his ass. Stop Me When I Start Lying...

Am I being racist, maybe overreacting? I truly don't care, it's how I feel. I've Been Called Worse...

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  1. thats unacceptable. even perversion has its limits. and their is no reason to support him, under any circumstances. shameful shit